Holly Willoughby final cover star of FHM

This Morning - 2015 Holly Willoughby Phillip Schofield

FHM’s final edition is to have its front cover adorned by ITV personality Holly Willoughby.

This Morning’s showbiz reporter Rylan Clark explained during his ‘Ryland’ showbiz gossip item on the programme earlier today that he had an ‘exclusive’ to reveal. Rylan mentioned,

“Men across the country are weeping because it is the last issue of FHM… and the last ever, ever, cover star is not Phillip Schofield – it’s our very own Holly and we’ve got an exclusive look at it!”

This Morning host, Holly Willoughby admitted, “I was so nervous about doing it.”, adding, “I loved it when I was there, but when they asked me to do it, I was like ‘really? I think my days might’ve gone… mum of three now’… but that kind of was part of the reason I did it as well.”

Originally launched as ‘For Him Magazine’ the magazine has titterlated lads for over twenty years. However in November last year owners of the magazine,¬†Bauer Media, announced it was to suspend production on FHM and other titles aimed at young men including Zoo. While described as a suspension insiders told the press at the time it was the end of the publications’ run. The demise of the magazines will see the loss of twenty jobs across the two titles. The end of the ‘iconic’ lad mags is blamed on declining magazine circulation in general, and the audience for FHM now seeking similar entertainment online – much of which is provided for free on the internet.

Co-host Phillip Schofield said on the ITV show of the cover, “It’s a great pic. What an honour as well to be on the last one.” Holly replied, “I know, really lovely.”

Although Rylan had other views on the pose. He said, “You look lovely, we’re very proud of you… but I think you should have gone the full whack. It’s the last one, you should have just let go for the lads!” Not able to hold her laughter, cheeky Holly joked, “Do you?…Well you wait until you see the back page!”

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