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Editor Reports: Big Brother Free Zone

Editor Reports: Big Brother Free Zone

Viewers have barely had time to get over the mania surrounding Britain’s Got Talent but tonight the 10th series of Big Brother launches.

Even though the popularity of the Channel 4 series has waned somewhat over the past few years it won’t stop tabloids, celebrity magazines and certain internet sites reporting every little snippet of gossip, scandal and speculation about Big Brother…but not us. We’ll be the exception as we declare ATV Today a….Big Brother Free Zone in 2009!

It’s been just days since Britain’s Got Talent ended and to be fair the ITV series is still making headlines as it faces criticism about its exploitation, and treatment, of the contestants in the series. Ofcom is investigation several hundred complaints relating to the series while Susan Boyle has checked herself into a clinic exhausted from all the public and media attention that has been focused on her – and there’s been a lot of it. The poor woman has been under an intolerable amount of pressure thanks to a reckless tabloids who have printed story after story about her – but that’s a topic for another Bog.

Tonight another tabloid favourite returns – Big Brother. Even if only a handful of people bother to tune in you can guarantee than certain tabloids, celebrity magazines and websites will print every little trivial story regarding the contestants, their private lives and antics in the house. Oh yes thousands of words will be written this summer regarding very little of worth at all. Millions of stories will populate tabloids and sites which hardly merit the significance they are given by their publishers. It’s all rather predictable and also rather unavoidable. You might not watch Big Brother but you won’t be able to get away from it – stories about it will be everywhere.

Everywhere this is except here. Oh yes we are once again declaring our site a Big Brother Free Zone! We’ve done so for the past two years and we don’t intend to stop now. So this summer’s real news stories from the world of; Media, Drama, Soap, Cult and Television visit us. There won’t be a Big Brother piece of trivial rubbish in sight!

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