Once more the news coverage surrounding the death of a celebrity, in this case Michael Jackson has prompted complaints from viewers who feel that other stories are neglected in favour of over the top coverage surrounding the death and aftermath. Our editor Doug Lambert couldn’t agree more, but do you?

When Jade Goody died earlier this year there were complaints about the amount of airtime given to the coverage of the news. Some viewers felt that other stories were not given enough coverage because news programmes mainly focused on Goody’s death. So it’s hardly surprising that with the death of Michael Jackson that the same complaints are once again being made.

According to the BBC so far over seven hundred viewers have complained to the corporation over the coverage of Jackson’s death. The complainers feel that too much screen-time has been given over the death and aftermath and over news stories are being neglected.

It’s certainly true that Michael Jackson’s death has dominated the news since the confirmation of his passing away came with all the twists and turns in the saga being reported on by the press. There probably hasn’t been a day since when the story hasn’t made the front pages of most of the tabloids. The tabloids are reporting anything and everything to do with the case whether it bares any resemblance to reality or not.

However, while ATV Reports couldn’t agree more with the complainers, that coverage has been excessive, what do you think? Has the coverage been proportionate or totally excessive? Send your opinions to us at via email. We’ll pick the best for a later edition here on ATV Today.

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