Doug Lambert, our editor is bored, bored about hearing of Michael Jackson’s death and the accusations of foul blame and bored of Katie Price and Peter Andre’s marriage breakdown.

In this edition of ATV Reports Doug suggests that you may want to just briefly flick through one of today’s tabloids. It’s guaranteed to be brimming full of yet more coverage of the death of Michael Jackson and the accusations of foul play.

Guaranteed the latest spat between Katie Price and Peter Andre saga will be covered there as well. It’s all getting a little bit annoying and boring now. Surely the breakdown of a marriage is a PRIVATE affair? Surely the death of a loved one is a PRIVATE affair? Surely such things shouldn’t be played out in the pages of down-market tabloids for all the world to read?

Or am I just being too old fashioned?

Let’s instead reflect on the great talents of these people the papers are reporting tittle tattle on. In the case of Price and Andre there obviously isn’t anything we can list talent wise, but for Michael Jackson I’ve picked my personal favorite song of his for us all to burn a copy of The Sun to.

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