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Editor Reports: As STV drop The Bill – is ITV3 the answer?

Editor Reports: As STV drop The Bill – is ITV3 the answer?

ATV Reports’ Doug Lambert ponders on just how long the planned ITV3 repeat of The Bill will actually last.

ITV bosses think they have come up with a clever way to allow Scottish viewers to enjoy The Bill after broadcaster STV dumped the cop-drama from its schedules – a repeat on ITV3. Brilliant some might say as not only will it allow Scottish viewers to watch the series but also allow those fans across the UK who missed the episode to catch it again.

All good in theory; but there’s a few problems with the ITV3 repeat of the drama.

For a start it won’t air on the same day or even the next day. Instead STV viewers – who can’t pick up network ITV on Sky – will be able to view the edition FOUR days after the original transmission. Yes The Bill will air in the England and Wales ITV regions on Thursdays and then ITV3 on Mondays….at 11pm.

Not only four days later but also two hours after the original broadcast time-slot. It’s not the first time ITV have tried repeating The Bill on its digital channels, ala Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

Previous attempts at airing a repeat of the week’s episodes haven’t lasted long due to low ratings…so if ITV3’s run of The Bill doesn’t rate well just how long exactly will Scottish viewers be able to enjoy the series? ATV Today’s team have estimated that it will last six months tops – and we’re being optimistic at that!

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