In this ATV Reports our editor Doug Lambert ponders when is the right time for all that back to school advertising. Is it before the term has even ended?

Shops are now into “Back to School” mode with window displays showcasing uniforms and stationary the kiddies might like when they go “back to school”…but have all the kids actually broken up from school yet?

Walking through my local town centre the other day I noticed, with predictable timing, that a lot of the stores were displaying “Back to School” signage. Yes folks its only six or seven weeks until the school kids go back to school and so you must, if you’re a parent, buy things now otherwise you might run out of time! Yes with just six or seven weeks left how on earth will you fit all that “back to school” shopping in? Especially if your kiddie hasn’t broken up from school yet – which we suspect is probably the base for a fair few of you.

Why on earth is it necessary to display “back to school” stuff so EARLY in the summer? When most schools probably haven’t broken up yet and those who have will only be a few days into the summer holidays? Is it because retail thinks parents are so stupid they need reminding now, weeks ahead, that at some point they’re children will be returning to school and so will need new uniforms ect?

It won’t stop with “Back to School” either because once the kids are back it’ll immediately move to Christmas. Yes I mentioned the C word. Because we all know that come September “Back to School” signage will come down and “Christmas” signage will go up. After all there’s only a few months after September to cram all that Christmas shopping in and god knows how you’ll get it all done with weeks and weeks and weeks to go from September until the Big Day.

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