Editor Reports: Elusive Exclusives make for Fake News

What is the meaning of the word exclusive asks our editor Doug Lambert in this edition of ATV Reports.

Well Kris Green at Digital Spy seems to think it applies to any general press release he fancies tagging with the term. How very Daily Star of him.

Now the meaning of exclusive to me means some information/product ect that you have that no one else does. So when is an exclusive not an exclusive? When you label it as such but that information/product ect is in fact known to all. What am I going on about you may ask? Well yesterday Digital Spy labelled a story about actress Tracey Ann Oberman guest starring in Doctors as an exclusive.

Only it wasn’t an exclusive because the press release had been sent out to various media outlets but for some reason the said site felt the need to label the story as an exclusive. Maybe it made them feel all important. The said story still carries the “exclusive” tag in it even though we pointed out yesterday it wasn’t. So we’re just repeating ourselves a little in the hope they realise that actually it wasn’t an exclusive at all.

We expect it from The Sun or The Star, but really, DS is big enough to get its own real exclusives instead of making up fake ones. I mean what next – fake news? That really would be DS turning into The Sun!

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