ATV Reports can’t help but notice the movement of Coronation Street in the schedules the past week has led to it clashing with fellow soaps. So I’m here to say to ITV – Stop It!

Last Thursday evening and because ITV mucked around with its schedule Emmerdale and Coronation Street both clashed with BBC One’s EastEnders. Usually Emmerdale airs two episodes on a Thursday evening but spilt between another programme to ensure they don’t clash with EastEnders. Then at 8.30 Coronation Street airs – free of clash of EastEnders….but last Thursday it was completely different.

Emmerdale aired for an hour between 7 – 8 meaning its second half clashed with EastEnders. Coronation Street was moved to 8pm to ensure it clashed with the BBC soap as it too was airing an hour-long special, the wedding of Denise and Lucas.

Now it’s very rare for Coronation Street and EastEnders to clash but on Thursday evening that happened due to ITV changing around its schedules. This week that mucking around with it continues as only one episode of Coronation Street aired on Monday, instead of the usual two. The second episode aired on Tuesday instead clashing with – Holby City. This means that viewers once again had to choose between the Manchester soap and a BBC counterpart.

Now I don’t think that’s fair and we at ATV Today don’t like it when the soaps clash because in the end it isn’t really the channels that lose out but the fans. So ITV – please stop it.

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