Since the news broke on Friday that the BBC were planning to cut back on its services the corporation has been accused of seeking appease from a future Tory Government. ATV Reports ponders on this idea with Editor Doug Lambert.

The BBC has been accused of seeking to appease a future Tory Government by cutting back on services and axing jobs. The corporation will reportedly axe two national radio stations, half its website, cut jobs, spend less on sports rights, spend less on acquisitions from abroad and sell off some of its commercial magazines such as Radio Times and Top Gear Magazine. The Tories had already warned the corporation it’ll face cut backs under a future Tory Government so the move by the BBC to start the ball rolling was bound to rile some into accusing the corporation appeasing the Tories.

If the BBC is trying to appease a future Tory government it’s a risky move because the Tories haven’t won the election yet and nor are they dead certain to either. The reversal in fortunes for the Tories in the past few weeks is a telling sign that perhaps the country is not quite ready to go back to the 1980s and allow the Tory party to ruin the country once again. The Tories are losing ground fast in the polls and their lead is ever shrinking – a worrying sign for David Cameron. Last week’s accusations against Gordon Brown of bullying don’t seem to have had too much of an adverse affect on the Labour Party which will worry Cameron even more because at a time of an nearing elections should damaging headlines should have had a negative effect on Brown and his party.

So as the Tories retreat on policies and fall back to familiar ground in the desperate hope of turning around their poll decline the BBC seeks to appease them if they win the election – and that’s a big if. If the Tories do not win the election the BBC will have axed jobs and cut back services to appease a government that does not exist. Perhaps the BBC should wait until the outcome of the next general election before deciding on whether or not to cut services and jobs.

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