Steam Train, Carlisle Station, April 2015

Windfall Films, part of Argonon Group, has been commissioned by stateside broadcaster, Destination America, to create a programme charting the real-time journey of a train on its route along Alaska’s critical 500-mile long railroad.

In a novel approach to content, Windfall are bringing real time TV to the channel for the first time, with the programme set to air as a Thanksgiving Special on Thursday, November 26th at 9am-2pm ET followed by an Encore. The scenery is stunning; a unique perspective from Alaska’s snowy and stunning lifeline, that shuttles crucial supplies to the hearty off-grid homesteaders that call this unspoiled and unforgiving wilderness home.

The series it stems from, Railroad Alaska, has also been recommissioned for a third season on Destination America, airing from Saturday, November 14th at 10/9c. The reality series takes viewers into the lives of an elite crew of workers who are responsible for keeping Alaska’s critical railroad line running through the state’s extreme winter. The Alaska Railroad is America’s last remaining full service freight and passenger railroad – remote off-grid settlers travel across the vast icy wilderness on the same tracks as military hardware, lumber, coal, food and chemicals.

“The landscape that the Alaska Railroad trains run through is breath taking during the winter months.The tracks cling to the edge of icy mountain ledges and pass through areas of outstanding natural beauty. This seemed like a new way to extend the Railroad Alaska franchise so viewers could enjoy more of Alaska’s stunning scenery. Real time is a great way to unwind and enjoy nature.” – Carlo Massarella, Creative Director and Executive Producer, Windfall Films

Railroad Alaska: Real Time Train Ride Thursday, November 26th on Destination America, part of the Discovery Communications Group.

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