Joy Hruby OAM

Joy Hruby OAM is a pioneer of community television in Australia. At the age of 88 she continues to produce and present her weekly chat show Joy’s World from a studio in her garage for TVS (Television Sydney).

Joy’s show is staffed entirely by volunteers, and the world’s oldest television producer/presenter funds her programme entirely from the proceeds of her state pension. She provides a training ground for those wishing to work either in front of or behind the camera, and gives a voice to people from all walks of life, many of whom are ignored by the mainstream media.

Unfortunately TVS have lost their licence to broadcast on Channel 44, however Joy’s World will continue to air online with the advantage of making this inspirational programme available to a worldwide audience.

Joy is in urgent need of your help, much of her studio equipment is now clapped out and as such a new Kickstarter campaign has been launched by her daughter, the actress Anna Hruby, who is best known for her work on Home & Away, The Young Doctors and Prisoner: Cell Block H. A $8,400 is needed in order to purchase new studio cameras, a vision mixer and an external monitor.

Darren Gray with Joy Hruby.

Joy has produced more than 1000 shows for community television since 1987, and she spent some thirty years as a theatrical agent launching many careers. She has worked as a drama teacher, a theatre and film producer, and her novel The Dubbo Dazzlers which told the story of a group of girl singers during the Second World War was a literary masterpiece.

Television viewers will recognise Joy from her numerous acting roles in much loved programmes such as A Country Practice, Brides of Christ, Home & Away, and All Saints. One of her more memorable roles was playing a prostitute friend of Fiona Thompson’s in Sons & Daughters.

I have known Joy for decades; we worked together in Australia at CTV1 cable television and at the theatrical agency Joy’s Creative Management. She has helped so many people throughout her life, I hope now that those people will return the kindness which she has shown them.

Darren Gray, Joy Hruby (centre), and Anna Hruby

If you’d like to help keep Joy on our screens you can contribute to the cause by heading to Kickstarter

Pictured top: Joy Hruby OAM, Pictured middle: Darren Gray and Joy Hruby, Pictured bottom: Darren Gray, Joy Hruby and Anna Hruby. Pictures by Doug Moody.

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