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Channel 4 will go behind the scenes of Britain’s most famous high street name, Marks & Spencer, in a new 4 part series set to air on the channel next year.

Inside Marks & Spencer will shed new light on one of Britain’s greatest retail institutions and its journey from Michael Mark’s market penny stall to the global giant it is today. From food to fashion, and from headquarters to the high street, the observational documentary will follow ideas and products from the drawing board to the shelves to see whether the public loves them or leaves them.

Channel 4 will meet the staff, from the CEO to the customer assistants, and see how they pull together to make the business work, and remain relevant to a whole new generation, in the UK and beyond.

The series will also look at the company’s navigation of their global expansion, following their progress as they set their sights on difficult new markets. As Marks & Spencer expands internationally, will what works in Birmingham do the business in Beijing or Bangalore? And closer to home can they confound their critics?

The series is to be made for Channel 4 by Sundog Pictures.

Channel 4

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