Channel 4 will go Hunting again with Hunted 2016

Channel 4

Channel 4 is to air another series of their ground-breaking real-life thriller series Hunted. However, for series two it’s not just personal pride on the line. Now there is also £100,000 up for grabs.

The 2016 series will see ordinary Brits leave their life behind and attempt to outwit, outsmart and outrun some of the world’s best hunters for up to 28 days. With former police, intelligence and army personnel on their tail they will know that one false move could lead to the hunters straight to them.

If they can remain uncaptured for 28 days each fugitive will know they could win a share of £100,000 but if they are caught before the hunt ends, they will go home with nothing. The series will dramatically explore just what it takes to go undetected in Britain – where there are more CCTV cameras per capita than any other European country. With the average person caught on CCTV up to 70 times per day and the possibility of having your phone calls and emails intercepted, the series will task ordinary people discover what it takes to completely disappear – and at what cost.

The first series of Hunted attracted an average of 2.2 million viewers per episode and a 9.3% share on Thursdays at 9pm – up +12% and +14%, respectively, compared with Channel 4’s slot average. The series attracted a young audience, drawing an impressive 20% share of Channel 4’s key demographic of 16-34 year old viewers – outperforming the channel’s slot average by 66%.

“Hunted series 1 was a huge and sometimes terrifying undertaking, and we were very proud to pull it off. We’re delighted to be working with C4 again on series 2, and look forward to building on the success of series 1 in new and exciting ways’. – Production Company Shine’s Kelly Webb Lamb

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