Windfall Films, part of the Argonon Group, has produced an hour long special, Inside Einstein’s Mind, for the renowned stateside PBS science series, NOVA. UK viewers will be able to see the special next month on BBC Four.

“Einstein’s general theory of relativity was one of history’s most creative and dramatic revisions of our concepts about the universe. The centennial provided the perfect opportunity to celebrate the theory that changed modern thinking”. – Jamie Lochhead, writer and director at Windfall Films

Showcasing a visual journey through the most powerful idea in science, General Relativity. NOVA, a production of WGBH Boston, aired the show on PBS in America earlier this week (25th November). The documentary will air in the UK on BBC Four in December under the title Inside Einstein’s Mind: The Enigma of Space and Time.

At 36, Einstein was able to theorise the malleable nature of space and time, providing a whole new way of regarding reality. This one off show takes viewers on an engaging and visual exploration through the Einstein’s masterpiece. The production, which premieres in the US on the 100th Anniversary of Albert Einstein’s greatest work, the general theory of relativity, takes viewers on a journey from the theorists’ young mind to the extremes of modern cosmology.

Windfall Films is an award winning producer of factual content having created a portfolio of internationally acclaimed programming from Inside Nature’s Giants to D Day As It Happens and Your Inner Fish to Making North America for broadcasters across the globe. Inside Einstein’s Mind joins a captivating roster of programming from the BAFTA and Emmy award winning production company who continue to go from strength to strength.

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