Jorgie Porter and Kieron Dyer leave I’m A Celebrity in double elimination

Jorgie Porter

Jorgie Porter and Kieron Dyer have missed out on a place in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! final. The Hollyoaks actress and former professional footballer departed the jungle in a double elimination in tonight’s (5 December) show.

“I’m so happy… I thought it’d be really easy and that we would get sandwiches off screen. I didn’t think I’d get bitten as much,” an excited Jorgie told Ant & Dec.

“I never thought I’d ever do that,” she noted of her sky diving challenge before citing the eating trial she co-participated in with Lady C as “one of the most disgusting things” she had faced.

“I think it was not eating… and all those trials I’d done. I’d jumped out of a helicopter 2 days before that. [It was] sleeping on the floor, getting bitten, and the stinking clothes.” – Jorgie on her low mood while staying in snake rock

Jorgie admitted that without the support of snake rock co-inhabitants George and Brian she may have withdrawn from the experience.

“I miss out on loads of things even though I’m there,” Jorgie said of Ferne and George’s relationship, while Kieron chimed in “I think Ferne’s got the hots for him. I’m not sure with George but Ferne’s desperate for him to make a move.”

Jorgie cited the cyclone challenge as the ‘best thing’ from her experience and later said she would like George to win the show.

Kieron Dyer

Meanwhile, Kieron said of his experience “I came in thinking I’d have a game plan but it was tough. I’ve never cried so much in my life and I’ve never had so many laughs either.  I know she’s [Jorgie] delighted but I’m gutted I didn’t get to the final as I’m competitive.”

“The ostrich was definitely the scariest,” Kieron noted of the trials he’d faced. “What made it worse was you two laughing on the screen behind!”

On spending time with Chris Eubank, one of his sporting hero’s, he said “If I was going to rank who I thought was the biggest celebrity, I would have put him at the top. He was so laidback and let everyone get on with it. He was everything I wanted him to be.”

“It might surprise people, but I am a mummy’s boy and she’s an older mother figure. We hit it off and when I was low she made me laugh. She was an amazing woman and I am gutted she left on medical reasons.” – Kieron on his friendship with Lady C

“I tried to talk to Lady C but you can’t. I was getting so frustrated and it just wasn’t fun anymore. I’m thankful for Chris because I would have had regrets if I’d left,” Kieron added of the memorable ‘bell boy’ spat involving Lady C which led to him wanting to leave the camp.

Kieron said he would like George to win ‘because he’s been there from the start’.

The final of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs tomorrow at 9.00pm on ITV.

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