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Nancy DellOlio is the second ‘sorta famous’ person to depart Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Earlier this week housemates nominated Nancy, Angie, Gemma, Stephanie and Jeremy with viewers voting over the past three days to save the most likeable of  the mainly stanky bunch. During tonight’s 9pm Channel 5 programme it was announced live to the house that the second person to leave would be Nancy.

Following the announcement, Nancy had 30 seconds to say her goodbyes and left the house to a mixed crowd of cheers and boos; then was greeted by Emma Willis.

Nancy Dell'Olio

Nancy Dell’Olio

Emma asked Nancy how it feels to be out of the house: “It’s a drama to get inside the house, and a drama to get out the house. Time doesn’t exist. Everyday can feel like a week. The worst is the beginning, and then you adjust yourself.”


She then asked her how it felt to be in the house for 10 days: “One day can look like a week! Many things happen in the house!” Nancy confirmed she had never previously watched Big Brother, and was pleased that she didn’t google her rumoured housemates before she went on the show. She goes onto say: “I was out of my comfort zone and I was pleased that I did the show.”

Emma asked how she felt about being nominated by seven of her housemates: “It doesn’t matter. Nominating is the most difficult. It was a quite intense few days, a tough experience.”

Nancy confirms that she will miss sitting in the chair talking to Big Brother, and loves all of her housemates. About her housemates: “Some of them are acting, that’s for sure. The only thing I can be is myself. Nothing is black and white in the house.” She concluded: “I would like to see Scotty T win.”

After Nancy was evicted, the four housemates that were saved by the public tonight are then told by Big Brother to deliver a killer nomination. The housemates nominated will face eviction on Tuesday. Angie picks Kristina, Gemma picks John, Jeremy picks Tiffany and Stephanie picks Danniella.

Jonathan Cheban

Jonathan Cheban

On Monday, Channel 5 announced that Jonathan Cheban had decided to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house. His exit was screened during Tuesday nights programme.

Jonathan is best known for his friendship with socialite Kim Kardashian – which in turn has seen him make numerous appearances on her reality television series’ over in America. The 41-year-old from New Jersey says he signed up to Celebrity Big Brother following many years of viewing the stateside version of the show. However just under a week into the run he decided to quit due to feeling ‘edgy and claustrophobic’.

Celebrity Big Brother returns tomorrow at 10.30pm on Channel 5.  Emma will be back on Tuesday at 9pm for the next eviction. Kristina, John, Tiffany and Danniella are the next housemates to face eviction.

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