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The newly-rebranded Sony Channel is to screen Ghosts In My Home. The chilling paranormal investigative thriller will make its UK Premiere on the network next week.

Haunted homeowners from across the land open their doors to Intuitive Healer Nadine Mercey and her crack team of paranormal investigators. From suburban bungalows to rural farmhouses, nowhere is safe from the supernatural, as strange-sounds in the dead of night, self-locking doors, and the icy-touch of spirits stalking the corridors abound. Mercey’s team scour the properties to uncover the ghastly truth, and dig deep into the traumatic back-stories that might explain the horrors within.

Playing weekly, the show will form part of a haunting Thursday night double-bill, alongside long-time Sony Channel fan favourite Ghost Hunters; sure to send viewers to bed worrying about things that go bump in the night.

Ghosts In My Home is the latest addition to Sony Channel’s acclaimed roster of entertainment, following in the footsteps of this month’s UK Premiere of high-octane medical drama The Night Shift, as the channel seeks to top a 2015 that saw exclusive UK-first showings of Younger, Hot In Cleveland, Satisfaction and Community.

Ghosts In My Home begins on Thursday 21st January at 9pm.

Sony Channel (Sky 157/Virgin 193/BT and TalkTalk 331)

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