cbb-p-hamilton54-year-old model Paula Hamilton has left viewers bemused, and some shocked, after telling fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemates she believes the programme was to blame for the death of former contestant Jade Goody.

In a strange conversation, which aired last night, Hamilton noted, “I wonder how many people have committed suicide after being on these programmes?” adding “It’s torture.”

She went on to say she believes the show was a direct cause of death of Jade Goody – the one-time reality star who died from cervical cancer in 2009.

Goody was starring in India’s version of Big Brother when she discovered she was suffering from cancer, she had been trying to resurrect her career following a disastrous appearance in the 2007 series of Celebrity Big Brother which portrayed her as a racist when she was foul and abusive to a fellow Indian housemate.

Death threats and lucrative sponsorship deals were all terminated at the time. All this stress and trauma Hamilton believes lead to the demise of Jade:

“It killed Jade. All that negativity did that. I think it gave her cancer.”

Hamilton has already been alagedly ‘ticked off’ by Channel 5 executives for suggesting part of the Celebrity Big Brother house was akin to  ‘Natzi Concentration Camp Auschwitz’.

It isn’t the first time the world of showbiz has blamed a programme for being partly to blame for the demise of the health of stars.

Stan Stennett believes the axing of variety series The Black and White Minstrel Show made co-star Dai Francis so depressed he spent the rest of his days greatly unhappy while several actors from the cast of Crossroads blamed the upset of being axed the reason the shows leading  lady Noele Gordon became ill and ultimately died less than two years after the last time she featured in the soap opera.

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