John Partridge comes sixth in Celebrity Big Brother final

CBB Final - John

John Partridge finished in sixth place in tonight’s (5 February) Celebrity Big Brother final.

Speaking to presenter Emma Willis the actor denied being a game player and revealed of his time in the house: “I’ve been on BOTS (Bit on The Side) a thousand times and I’ve made flippant remarks but when you’re in there everything is amplified tenfold. It’s so difficult to have empathy in there, you live with permanent tension.”

“I had to nominate based on something. I nominated somebody for something that I knew about and was concerned about. I was concerned about Darren and that’s why I did it. I’m not ashamed about it.” – John on nominating Darren over his resumed smoking habit

Emma asked John if he purposely took a step back in the house after being accused of playing a game, he replied: “I took a step back because I didn’t understand it. I suddenly thought ‘what is it they’re seeing that I’m not?’, and I was already finding it difficult at that point.”

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