CBB Final - Scotty

Geordie Shore personality Scotty T was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother in tonight’s (5 February) live final.

Speaking to presenter Emma Willis about winning the show he said: “I honestly can’t believe it. I’ve just been myself in there that’s what I’m normally like, I get on well with people and I’ve made some friends.” On living among conflict he noted “Most of the arguments in the house were pathetic and I didn’t want to get involved.”

“I’m genuinely a nice kid; that was me living normally,” Scotty said of showing a different side in the house. He went on to discuss Jeremy’s relationship with Stephanie, “With Jeremy and Steph, I loved them both to bits but they made it complicated for themselves. They are a perfect couple. In there it was a nightmare. I was trying to give them good advice, but they are so mad for each other they didn’t listen.”

“I didn’t want to rush into anything. I don’t know what will be on the cards for us. We’ve now both got work commitments, she’s an amazing girl. We will talk about it tonight. ” – Scotty on growing close to Megan

He added of his smooches with Tiffany: “Tiffany is also an amazing girl. I was just having a good laugh with Tiffany.”

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