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Emilia Fox, Clarke Peters, Paul Schneider and William Ash join the cast of Sky original drama The Tunnel: Sabotage. An original story by Ben Richards forms the second instalment of Sky Atlantic’s Anglo-French drama The Tunnel from Kudos and Shine France films.

The stars join lead actors Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy in the eight part drama, which will be available to binge via Sky Box Sets from April 2016, as well as airing weekly on Sky Atlantic.

Emilia Fox plays Vanessa Hamilton, whose sinister business dealings are under investigation, and Clarke Peters stars as Sonny Persaud, a renowned academic whose estranged daughter Rosa suddenly re-surfaces in deadly circumstances.  Angel Coulby reprises her role as Laura Roebuck, with Con O’Neill, Johan Heldenbergh and Hannah John-Kamen completing the line-up.

The newly promoted French Commander Elise Wasserman (Poésy) and British DCI Karl Roebuck (Dillane) have been leading separate lives: two seemingly isolated events reunite them after a French couple are abducted from the Channel tunnel, leaving behind a traumatised small child, Chloe Fournier. When a plane crashes into the Channel, killing everyone on board, Karl and Elise are faced with bigger questions; forging connections from the clues thrown up by a vast field of debris, the closer they get to their assailants, the more elusive justice seems.

Following a shocking trail of devastation, Karl, Elise and a cross border team, including British Detective Constable Borowoski (William Ash), and Detective Superintendent Bowden (Stanley Townsend) with Head Of French Counterterrorism (Thibault De Montalembert) and Lieutenants Renard (Juliette Navis) and Viot (Cédric Vieira) joining the investigation from France, the unit become embroiled in a terrifying, deadly game of brinkmanship as the victims mount up.

This thriller moves between the coasts of Kent and Northern France via the Eurotunnel, against a backdrop of a continent in crisis. A completely original, intricately plotted story, The Tunnel: Sabotage takes us to the precipice of a sustained, meticulously planned, war of attrition.

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