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Former BBC Points of View and Watchdog presenter Anne Robinson has become an ambassador to the charity Medical Detection Dogs.

“I am so pleased I was given the opportunity to see what amazing work Medical Detection Dogs do. This charity is able to save lives and millions for the NHS. I am enormously proud to be associated with it.” – Anne Robinson

The former Weakest Link host, who will soon be back on our screens in a new BBC lifestyle series, first heard about the charity through a friend. Anne is a big fan of dogs herself and has her own working cocker spaniel called Ellie. She came to the organisation’s headquarters near Milton Keynes and was so impressed by their work, she agreed to become an ambassador on the spot.

Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to use their remarkable olfactory powers to detect cancer in urine or breath samples. In training trials they have been shown to achieve a reliability of 93 per cent, much higher than many existing tests used by the NHS.

The charity’s second arm provides life-saving support to individuals with long-term serious conditions such as brittle type one diabetes, by training dogs to be alert to assist them. The dogs alert their diabetic partners to dangerous falls in their sugar levels and prompt them to take their medication before they suffer a hypoglycaemic attack.

“Currently we are running two clinical trials, one in partnership with the NHS Milton Keynes University Hospital into prostate, kidney and bladder cancer using urine samples and another into breast cancer using breath samples. With help from Anne and others, we can step up our fundraising efforts. We receive no government funding and rely entirely on kind donations from the public. So with a boost to our resources, we can turn our research into reality and to begin saving thousands of lives as soon as possible.” – CEO and co-founder of Medical Detection Dogs, Dr Claire Guest

Downton Abbey Stars

Pictured Top: BBC personality Anne Robinson, Pictured Bottom: The cast of ITV’s Downton Abbey turn out in support of Medical Detection Dogs.
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