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Forged in Fire is a brand new series exclusive to the History channel, which brings to screens an epic competition where weapon makers go head-to-head to recreate the greatest blades in history.

The show turns the craftsmanship, legend and excitement of weapon building into an against-the-clock battle. There will be blades, sweat and tears in each episode as contestants compete over a series of elimination challenges.

Each episode of the eight part series sees four new participants compete in an exciting series of challenges to make some of the most iconic weapons of battle. Contestants will fight tooth and nail to progress to the final round, when they build everything from Viking battle-axes to Samurai swords and Indian claw daggers.

The competition is judged by a panel of four experts, including J Neilson, internationally recognised as one of the best bladesmiths in the world with 20 years experience.  Joining him on the panel are David Baker, a world renowned swordsmith who specialises in recreating some of the world’s rarest weapons, and skilled martial artist Doug Marciada, who also designs blades as a weapon combat specialist.

Armed forces expert Wil Willis hosts the competition, and will draw on his skills as an army ranger and hands-on experience with a wide range of weapons in real battle situations.


The brand new series of Forged in Fire premieres on HISTORY® on Thursday 24th March at 10pm.

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