After a successful first series last year, Friday Night Dinner returns to Channel 4 in October.

When Jonny discovers Adam’s old diary, he learns a terrible secret: when Adam was 11, he secretly dumped Jonny’s beloved ‘Pandy’ panda bear toy in the outside bin, never to be seen again.

This unleashes a war in the house, with Jonny threatening to destroy Adam’s equally beloved, old rabbit toy, ‘Buggy’. Fights rage in every room, with mum and dad are unable to control their two twenty-something sons, who have become 13 again.

Desperate to hide his precious comfort toy from his angry brother, Adam gives Buggy to just about the worst person possible – neighbour, Jim.

Meanwhile, dad will not stop sneezing on everything (“He sneezed on a baby today – so embarrassing,” says mum). Later, when dinner is served, dad sneezes over all the food and mum’s delicious Friday night dinner is ruined.

But what happens when hopeless Jim accidentally loses Buggy in a lake? And why is Jim speaking Chinese?

Friday Night Dinner, series two, episode one, Sunday October 7th at 10pm on Channel 4

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