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Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan is to meet some of America’s most notorious female murderers in the two-part series Killer Women with Piers Morgan.

Each hour-long edition will follow Morgan on his travels through the southern states of Texas and Florida to meet the stateside women murderers.

“This is Piers as we have not seen him before…but he is so well suited to this genre. Years of honing his interview technique really paid off in some compelling confrontations with some of America’s most infamous female killers.” – Stuart Cabb, Series Director, Plum Pictures

Over the two episodes, Piers’ journey of discovery is aimed at gaining a full understanding of three complex cases. He ventures behind bars to come face to face with women who have carried out the most unspeakable crimes in a quest to discover what drove these women to kill and investigate the truth behind each case.

Piers meets a teenager who was convicted of having her mother and brothers savagely murdered as they slept in the family home; a femme fatale who was accused of luring her millionaire oilman boyfriend to a romantic meeting so she could pump him with bullets; and a mother who was imprisoned for the ultimate act of evil: killing her own daughter in a fit of rage.

Each story hinges on a gripping encounter with these women who now face decades – and in one case her entire life – behind bars.  Each chilling interview takes place inside the maximum security prison these killers now call home. Alongside these fascinating encounters, Piers also digs deeper into each story – meeting people whose lives were touched or altered by the events and who can shed light on the truth behind the shocking headlines. Speaking to police, sheriffs and lawyers who worked to bring each of the killers to justice, Piers also meets family and friends from both sides of each case to find out how lives have been impacted by these heinous acts and gain an insight into whether or not justice has been served.

“Female killers remain a relatively rare breed and the access that Plum Pictures have secured presents a unique opportunity for Piers to bring viewers a genuine insight into the characters and circumstances of women who have committed the ultimate crime.” – Jo Clinton-Davis, ITV Controller of Factual.

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