Casting details announced for BBC EastEnders’ spin off Redwater

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The BBC have released details of their EastEnders spin-off Redwater.

“It was our intention from the start to create a new contemporary ensemble drama set in Ireland, and we are so thrilled and lucky to have such a talented team on board for Redwater. It is testament to the quality of Jesper, Matthew and the other writers, as well as Vicky’s tenacity, that we have assembled such a high calibre of cast and crew to join Shane and Jessie in such a beautiful setting. We all know that we are creating something that is going to be very special.” – Dominic Treadwell-Collins, Executive Producer

An ensemble cast of some of Ireland’s best talent including Fionnula Flanagan, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Ian McElhinney, Angeline Ball, Peter Campion and Stanley Townsend will join EastEnders favourites Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie for brand new six-part drama series Redwater. They will be joined by Oisin Stack, Stephen Hogan, Susan Ateh, Ian Toner and Ebony O’Toole-Acheampong.

Redwater is a tiny, picturesque Irish harbour village, a quiet rural idyll by the sea which has been home to the Kelly and Dolan families for generations. When Kat and Alfie Moon arrive in search of Kat’s long-lost son, Kat’s quest for the truth uncovers secrets that the village of Redwater would rather were left buried at sea.

The series will be directed by Danish director Jesper Nielsen and written by EastEnders’ alumni Matthew Graham; Julie Dixon; Lauren Klee and Matthew Barry. The series is produced by Vicky Wharton.

“We have a really important and fantastic story to tell. About how one woman’s search for a lost child opens a Pandora’s box, revealing the terrible lies and secrets in the little village of Redwater. A story about how the strong bonds of love in a family can hold everything together, and yet at the same time destroy everything. It has echoes of a Shakespearean drama, told in a rich cinematic style, loaded with humour and suspense. I cannot wait to start shooting and see the characters coming to life.” – Director Jesper Nielsen

Filming begins this week in Ireland, and Redwater will be broadcast on BBC One in 2017.

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