Ok readers, it’s been a long time but there’s a reason; moving house is as stressful as divorce, but then if you ask me marriage isn’t worth it either! Writes Ashleigh in another of her six part series for ATV Today.

Anyway, the boxes are unpacked the dust has began to settle and I’ve got something to get off my chest!

So, after months of strenuous work I thought I deserved a wee treat, something light and cheesy. That’s right, readers, I chose musical theatre! But not just any musical theatre; this is musical theatre starring a sexy opera singer, located in the heart of the West End, drizzled with Rogers & Hammerstein melodies this is Carousel starring Lesley Garrett! Remember that; it’s important for later.

Currently at The Savoy Theatre, the 1940s classic has opened to rave reviews and will be there for the next four months. Now I like Lesley Garrett. I think she’s passionate, sexy and talented. And I love her accent, which you can catch weekdays on Loose Women!

Having booked tickets over the internet I confidently walked into the theatre as the day FINALLY arrived. But there, on the wall was the most awful sign I’ve ever read: “For the audience attention; LESLEY GARRETT will not appear in this performance. In the role of Nettie Fowler is-“
SAY WHAT? She’s not performing?

“Excuse me” I politely ask the box office man, in his early 50s probably called Derek and still living at home with his mother, “is this sign for today?”

He nods his head. “Is there any chance I could transfer my ticket for a day that she is performing?”
“We are selling a show not Lesley Garrett, you know!”


In reality I sheepishly walked out of the theatre with my ticket in hand waiting to see her understudy perform. But in my head I was screaming at him: “I appreciate that, but what YOU have to appreciate Mr Camp All Mighty is if you put a celebrity in a show, people will come to see their celebrity regardless of the show, who directed, who produced or who wrote it!”

Gee whiz I was mad. And rightly so because he was really rude. No wonder people don’t come to the theatre, think its elitist, think it’s full of luvvies and snobs because the first person you meet is an asshole to you. Its people like that which put the public off coming to the theatre, a magical world of make believe where your dreams or worst nightmares can come true but will entertain all the same. It just breaks my heart.

When I’m a world famous actor, trying to sell a show I’ll get him back and that goes for any other trumped up box office knob who are rude to my fans, cause then I’ll have the power to kick ’em up the jacksie! Until then, I’ll sheepishly walk back into the theatre, tip-toe to my seat, wait for the lights to go down and support anybody with enough guts to get up on a stage and do their thing!

Untill next time, go with love,


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