London Live 2015

London Live is to broadcast seven UK television premieres in their Independent Film Season, which kicks off this Thursday at 10pm with May I Kill U?

May I Kill U? is a new British black comedy film from BAFTA award winning Director Stuart Urban, starring Kevin Bishop (Keith Lemon: The Film, The Kevin Bishop Show, Star Stories) Jack Doolan (Marcella, Cockney’s V Zombies, Cemetery Junction) & Frances Barber ( Silk, Dr Who).

Baz (Barry Vartis) is one of Britain’s new breed of police, a cycle cop. Although he appears to be a figure of fun, a freak accident turns him into a psychopath… As riots break out in London, a head injury changes Baz from an everyday police officer into a mad vigilante, offering no-hope criminals a stark choice, arrest or death. Baz sees this campaign as ‘lawful killing’. Criminals too stunned, confused, or drunk to argue are politely asked, “May I kill you?” and merrily dispatched on their final journey. All these exchanges are recorded on Baz’ helmet-cam and posted anonymously on social networks. Using the alter ego ‘@N4cethelaw’ Baz acquires an increasing number of fans with each killing, dispensing justice to scumbags, cleaning up society like some bizarre and deadly ‘Robin Hood’, ridding society of its’ ills. But, in a sudden reversal, Baz is captured by an enraged relative of one of his presumed “kills” and faces slaughter or even worse… exposure.

The UK Premiere of May I Kill U? airs on May 12th at 10pm.

The UK Premiere of The Comedian follows at 10.30pm on May 13th. This movie is a fresh, dramatic and funny debut feature about choices and how not to make them. Ed is a stand-up comedian in his early thirties; he is handsome, charming, witty and lost. Trying to make it on the London comedy circuit, he spends his nights performing in small rooms above pubs and his days making ends meet at a call centre. He lives with Elisa, a beautiful French singer, the two like brother and sister, inseparable, loving and asexual. Ed funny and playful, Elisa soulful and sensitive. One day, on a night bus home, Ed meets Nathan, a young black artist, blunt, honest and free. They immediately connect and begin a passionate affair. Suddenly the intimate bond between Ed and Elisa is threatened and Ed is faced with a choice between his attraction to a man and his love for a woman.

Featuring Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits, Utopia, Prey), Elisa Lasowski (Versailles, Burnt, Somers Town) Steven Robertson (Shetland, Being Human) & Edward Hogg (Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands, Indian Summers, Jupiter Ascending)

On May 14th London Live airs The Wedding Tackle. Photographer Hal (James Purefoy) wants out of his imminent wedding to Vinni (Susan Vidler), and on his all-day stag night asks his pal Mr Mac (Adrian Dunbar) to seduce her so he can catch them in flagrante. Little does Hal know that his supposed friend and Vinni’s ex-boyfriend, Little Ted (Tony Slattery), has his own plan to get her back; he wants Mr Mac to persuade his barmaid girlfriend Petula (Amanda Redman) to seduce Hal so that he can catch it on film. Meanwhile Vinni – who also wants out of the wedding – decides to gatecrash the stag night, and her best pal Clodagh (Victoria Smurfit) – who has herself been having an affair with Hal – decides to make a play for the groom herself. Also in the mix are Petula’s pyschotic copper husband (Leslie Grantham) and Clodagh’s ex, Salty (Neil Stuke), ensuring that comic misunderstandings and unexpected partnerings will ensue.

Six stories of disparate Londoners become intertwined when they encounter an escaped parrot in the UK Premiere of Common People on May 19th at 10pm. This bittersweet comic tale of love, loss and life in a London park.

When Princess Parroty escapes the confines of her cage she finds herself flying with parakeets in the south London skies and soaring into the lives of the Common People. Here begins a unique and enchanting story which will see the lives of those people changed forever…The Common itself provides a delightfully varied environment where people can escape the stresses of city life and their various stories can unfold. There’s the romance which blossoms between an unlikely couple, revelations regarding a homeless man’s past, and adventures galore as a troop of boys set off scouting for birds and end up performing the greatest good deed of their lives.

These characters, and many more, tackle individual challenges before being brought together by an extraordinary encounter with an exotic feathered friend. With raw, funny, and compelling performances from a talented ensemble of actors aged seven to seventy, the movie touches on many of the issues affecting ordinary people today in a heartfelt, poignant and ultimately uplifting celebration of everyday humanity. Film also stars Josh Herdman: (Gregory Goyle in Harry Potter)

While on the 21st of May at 10pm its the UK Premiere of Brash Young Turks. Set in a stylized and dynamic London, Brash Young Turks follows the interlinking stories of young Londoners dreaming of making it big while wading through oppression, greed and adversity. When troubled teen Mia is plucked from her hellish care home by a gang of charismatic hustlers and go-getters, flashy and fearless, her eyes are opened to a world full of new opportunities and dangers. With dreams of wild success, the group is faced with choices of following secondary careers dominated by big players, or reaching the top of the food chain themselves

Grime artist D Double E wrote and performed the Brash Young Turks movie theme alongside Havva titled ‘Empire’. The film stars Julian Glover (Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Couples, Dead Cert), Richard Sheldon (Emmerdale) & Zoe Lister (Hollyoaks).

The passengers on the night bus have many different stories – some are lovers, some have dark secrets, some are looking for a fight, others are just trying to get through the night. A double-decker bus weaves through London’s rain-glistened, near-deserted night streets. Gradually we meet the people onboard, of all different ages and nationalities: competitive work colleagues and jaded partners; loud drunks and cheeky fare dodgers; a long-suffering driver and random strangers who strike up the unlikeliest of conversations.

Even if you’ve never taken a London night bus (though especially if you have), big city dwellers will recognise the ebb and flow of a bustling metropolis’ nocturnal rhythms and the often-enforced intimacy of public transport – a fascinating snapshot of modern London on the move in all its defiant, cussed and vibrant diversity. It’s a ride well worth getting onboard.

The UK Premiere of Night Bus airs on May 26th at 10pm.

For Ryan, life is a race from repercussions. Like the hare, he breezes along the track with aplomb, leaving a trail of affairs and broken hearts, ignoring the advice of runners of yesteryear, ignoring his wife. Repercussions plod along, too far from Sweetboy for him to give a second thought. Collecting the pieces of the broken hearts, this tortoise gathers momentum, as Sweetboy pauses from running the race to run his game. We all know how this race ends. As his wife, Katie, quietly longs for the return of the man she married, Mia, Jenny, and Sarah, victims of the self-styled lothario’s sordid ways, conspire to blackmail him into revealing all or paying them off. And to ensure there’s no grey area, if he fails to deliver the truth or the money, they will murder him.

Sweetboy is pushed into facing up to his lifestyle. Are the suits, fake watches, and lies worth the heartbreak of the woman who has loved him since their school years? As Sweetboy sits in the barbershop chair, confessing his sins to his barber and guardian, Louie, he looks at his reflection. If Katie forgives him, can he forgive himself? Sweetboy is the intimate story of a man who lets his ego blur his definition of himself; is he Sweetboy, or is he Ryan? Whoever he is, he finds himself seeking redemption and catharsis as his world spirals out of control around him, the problem being, breaking hearts comes more naturally to him than mending them.

Sweetboy is a character-driven darkly-comic drama that explores the motivation behind decisions, and the resultant consequences with its UK Premiere on London Live on May 28th at 10pm.

On June 2nd at 10pm the channel will broadcast I Really Hate My Job a movie which sizzles its way through one steamy night and the lives of five feisty women, working in a London restaurant with delusions of grandeur. Customers come and go, unaware of the real concerns of these women; a rat or two in the kitchen, bitter arguments about life and art, as well as a coup d’état in the kitchen… all overshadowed by the anticipation of the arrival of a famous Hollywood movie star. You might assume they’re just three waitresses, one cook and a dishwasher, but they see themselves as an artist, an actor, a lover, an author and a revolutionary.

Starring Neve Campbell, Shirley Henderson, Alexandra Maria Lara, Anna Maxwell Martin, Oana Pellea, and Danny Huston as himself.

The following night at the same time, 10pm, viewers can tune into the UK Premiere of County Kilburn. There are 7629 pubs in London, this is the story of just one… Drawing its inspiration from bar-led comedies such as Cheers and the caustic humour of Father Ted, Elliot Hegarty’s County Kilburn is one of the funniest film about the Irish in Kilburn ever made! Along the kilometre stretch of Kilburn High road in London, there are twenty-eight pubs: that’s one every thirty-six metres. Populated predominantly by the Irish, this area has come to be known as County Kilburn.

Here we witness the loves, lives and laughs of a disparate group of dreamers, losers and ever-hopefuls. Elliot Hegarty has since become one of TVs sharpest comedy directors with shows such as The Kevin Bishop Show and Star Stories. Featuring Ciarán McMenamin (Primeval, Jericho), Rick Warden (Indian Summers, Rome, Band of Brothers) & John Bowe (Emmerdale, Coronation Street).

London Film House: Independent Film Season starts this Thursday 12th May on London Live
London Live – Freeview 8, YouView 8, Sky 117 and Virgin 159
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