The American remake of teen-drama Skins will be different from its British counter-part promises producer Bryan Elsley.

Elsley co-created the E4 drama with his son Jamie Brittain and so far four seasons have aired on E4 with a further two to follow. Skins has also been remade for MTV in America and last week a trailer for the new version debuted on the Internet.

However, it has met with some criticism from fans of the British series who feel it is too similar. Producer Brian Elsley has promised fans that the American version will be different.

“So: to be clear. The first series of Skins USA will start similar and get very different to the UK show. Walk first then run. We are about USA writers and USA stories. Most young people here have never seen Skins. It’s for them really. Eventually it will be all new. We’re all nervous. Young writers need to grow and then take control of their own stories. We’re making space for that. Try it, maybe?” – Bryan Elsley on his Twitter page

The American remake will debut on MTV in January and one notable different between it and the original British series is the absence of gay character Maxie (played by Mitch Hewer) as producers couldn’t find a suitable actor – instead the American version will feature a lesbian called Tea.

The American version of Queer as Folk closely resembled its British counter-part for the first few episodes before finding its own identity and radically departing from the storylines featured in the Channel 4 drama.

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