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Jo Brand and Alan Davies are to star in a new six part comedy series for Channel 4. Damned will begin filming next month.

“As the daughter of a social worker, who worked for many years in child protection, I grew up seeing social workers go unrecognised for the good things they did and castigated for the bad. It’s like being a traffic warden without the perks. Damned is an attempt to portray the tragic-comic lives of social workers, always under pressure, always in possession of a grim sense of humour and always wrong in the eyes of the public.” – Jo Brand.

Based around the lives of two rather jaded social workers, it is a sharply written, warmly comical and frequently poignant observation on what it means to try your best amidst the most frustrating of circumstances. Social workers Rose (Brand) and Al (Davies) work in a children’s services department, dealing every day with the all too familiar social issues that flood the media. Swimming against a tide of bureaucracy and pedantry, and contending with the absurdities and irrationalities of life in a county council office, Damned follows Al and Rose as they navigate their way through their equally trying professional and personal lives.

Also starring Morwenna Banks, Kevin Eldon, Himesh Patel, Georgie Glen, Aisling Bea and Marjorie Yates the sitcom is more bitter than sweet, and shot with dark humour that rears its head in any job which is stressful and harrowing, Damned is written by writer/performers Jo Brand, Morwenna Banks and Will Smith.

The series will run over six half hour episodes later in the year.

Channel 4

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