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The A Word is to return to BBC One for a second six episode series.

“I am delighted that the show has resonated with a wide audience and am thrilled to have the opportunity to take the family and Joe further along their journey. Also delighted to be rifling through my musical history and calling it work.” – Writer Peter Bowker

Each hour long edition is written by Peter Bowker and will continue with the story of Paul and Alison Hughes who, as viewers saw in the first series, are building a life for themselves and their two children: teenage daughter Rebecca – from Alison’s first marriage – and five-year-old son Joe.

Joe is a music lover who’s rarely without his headphones; to some he’s a little eccentric, to others he’s a little odd. But when Alison’s brother Eddie and his wife Nicola returned to the family home to rebuild their broken marriage, they became the first people brave enough to suggest that Joe’s problems run deeper. The moment Nicola says the unsayable, family patriarch Maurice expresses his own concerns for his grandson.

And when Joe is finally diagnosed with autism, the whole family finds itself in an unfamiliar and unpredictable world.

“If the first series was about diagnosis and denial then the second series is about the journey that is undertaken when you ‘go public’ about the fact that your child is different. This series is both about being the family with a child that is different in a small community, as well as being a part of the wider ‘autism community’ and all that this entails.” – Writer Peter Bowker

The A Word is a Fifty Fathoms and Keshet UK co-production for BBC One.

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