Channel 4 has today launched its latest online feature.

“Twist is something completely different – a brand new, brand campaign for a digital age. Featuring Channel 4 talent in a new and innovative way, Twist will use digital technology to create a cross platform campaign created by our viewers.” – CH4 statement via the press office

The new Twist page, the broadcaster says, is a groundbreaking interactive brand campaign. The Channel 4 Twist will launch its television promotions during tonights episode of Hollyoaks at 6.30pm.

The idea is simple, we’ve been trying it out this afternoon here at ATV Today with some amusing and not so amusing sentences, you have a selection of some of Channel 4’s best loved faces including Jamie Oliver, Jon Snow, Gok Wan, Jimmy Carr, The Misfits, The Inbetweeners, Heston Blumenthal and they’ve recorded hundreds of different words to camera. You can then rearrange the words which when played are spoken by the Channel 4 faces.

If you submit your sentence the very best ‘Twists’ issued to Channel 4 will be aired in promotional airtime. Channel 4 say that more words will be added as time goes on to increase the choice. We know most people will make wonderful creative twisted clips of fun, however if you’re like the ATV News staff, there will be some that will be far from suitable for broadcast..

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