STV, GroupM Entertainment and Channel 5 have come together to bring viewers the definitive countdown of the top 40 most powerful celebrity couples.

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“One of the most interesting aspects of the show is the latest social media data that we’re using to compile the list. This wasn’t available in previous years and vividly reveals the media penetration of the most successful celebrity couples.” – Liam Hamilton, Deputy Director of Content at STV Productions

If you’re a big star, there’s one thing you can do that is guaranteed to turbo-charge your celebrity, boost your bank balance and regularly break the internet with hysteria all about you – become part of a celebrity couple!

From Jay-Z and Beyonce to Kim and Kanye, Brad and Angelina to Bill and Hillary, Posh and Becks to Wills and Kate, it’s clear that being a celebrity couple is THE smartest career move you can make. STV Productions and co-production partner GroupM Entertainment have been commissioned by Channel 5 to produce a dazzling new data-based countdown show which explores the phenomenon of the celebrity power couple.

In Ultimate Celebrity Power Couples 2016 the show celebrates the world’s richest, sexiest, most powerful, headline-grabbing celebrity partnerships of the year – from ‘A’ list actors and some of the world’s biggest rock and pop stars, to sporting icons and world leaders, this show has them all! STV ranked the couples according to their reported wealth, their media impact and their political muscle and brought these three rankings together to create a definitive countdown of 40 of the biggest celebrity couples on the planet.

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This gossipy, glitzy two-hour special features interviews with a cocktail of celebrities, comics and showbiz insiders, who entertainingly reveal how our celebrity couples met and how their careers have been boosted by doubling up their star power.

Along the way, the programme will explore what makes a successful celebrity power couple and dispense some useful ‘do’s and don’ts’ for aspiring celebrity couples everywhere; we’ll remind you of some classic celebrity couples from the past, together with some of the oddest, most unlikely celebrity pairings to date (Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett, anyone?).

Will Kim and Kanye see off Jay-Z and Beyonce? Will Wills and Kate usurp Charles and Camilla? Will the Clintons ‘trump’ the Obamas? And where will the Beckhams land on the list?

“Throughout the show it reveals fascinating facts about their money, publicity and their power. Which billionaire pair on our countdown has more money than the rest of the list combined? Which couple has a staggering 114m followers across all social media platforms? Which celebrity power couple changed US foreign policy?” – STV

Ultimate Celebrity Power Couples 2016 is to air on Channel 5

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