Catchphrase gets its first £50,000 jackpot winner

ITV’s long running game show Catchphrase has found its first 50k Jackpot winner.

Stephen Mulhern on Catchphrase STV

‘From the very first episode I hosted of Catchphrase I always wanted someone to win the ‘Super Catchphrase’ jackpot and this Saturday finally somebody does, the wonderful Adei from Leeds. I was over the moon for her as she openly explains how much it will change her life. She is the first ever winner but will there be more???’ – host Stephen Mulhern

The show, which returned to ITV screens in 2013 after an eleven year absence, has seen its first big-money winner with Adei scooping the ‘Super Catchphrase‘ 50k jackpot prize on tomorrow nights edition of Catchphrase. The prize, up until this weekend, has never been won before in the revamped version of the ‘say what you see’ game. The show is currently in its fourth season with Mulhern as host.

‘It’s just the best day of my entire life.’ – contestant Adei, on her £50,000 win

Catchphrase £50,000 win

Catchphrase was originally launched by Television South for ITV in 1986, hosted by comedian Roy Walker, where players compete to guess the familiar phrases hidden in animated clues. The format sees in the main rounds nine boxes covering an animated graphic, as each question is answered correctly the contestant could remove a square and guess what well-known phrase the animation is depicting.

The final game, super catchphrase,  takes a totally new form from the Roy Walker days with the square lettered grid replaced with a numbered pyramid.

After moving production from TVS to Carlton in 1994 and a switch later to daytime from prime time the original run finally dropped out of the schedules in 2002 after sixteen years. Other hosts over the years include Nick Weir and Marc Curry. Classic episodes can currently be seen on Challenge TV. Adei’s win can be seen tomorrow (Saturday 9th July) at 7pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

First Catchphrase £50,000 winner Adei

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