Channel 5 to air live Brexit debate show

Despite a school of thought that Britain is now more divided post Brexit result, the overwhelming majority of both Leave and Remain supporters would not change the way they voted as a result.

Channel 5 aka five

Tonight Channel 5 go live with a debate on the country-changing events of last month.

A ComRes poll conducted for Channel 5’s show Brexit: The Big Debate Live found more than half of those surveyed (52%) are confident about Britain’s future outside the European Union – but that figure soared to nine out of ten (90%) among Leave voters. The poll also discovered that hardly any voters had changed their minds since the Brexit result was announced. More than 19 out of 20 Remain voters (96%) and an almost identical number of Leave supporters (95%) said they were still happy with their decisions.

Businessman Lord Digby Jones, comedian and impressionist Rory Bremner, Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley, June Sarpong, Julia Hartley Brewer, MP John Redwood, Ken Livingstone and the notorious ex-City broker Nick Leeson are among the politicians, business leaders and celebrities who’ll discuss the deep and wide-ranging impact of the result and, crucially, what happens next.

Hosted by Alastair Stewart, the programme will also hear from non-British people who say they’ve suffered public abuse since the result was announced, families still split because they voted for different sides and voters who now bitterly regret voting Leave.

Immigration and finance – decisive factors for many voters – will be discussed, as will the ways forward now for Britain: what demands the UK should make in the negotiations and what do we need in return from our EU partners?

Overall, the poll for Channel 5 found that given the chance to vote now in a second referendum, 45% of voters would vote Remain with 47% voting to leave the EU – a margin close to the actual referendum result. This was despite two thirds (66%) saying that Britain is more divided since the Brexit result was announced. Almost half (47%) said that Britain had become more racist since June 23 (41% said no change).

Despite the controversial result, 52% said they were confident of Britain’s future outside the EU – while 41% said they were worried about what lies ahead. More than one in three (35%) said they thought their family would be worse off financially as a result – with 70% of Remainers saying that would be the case.

There was widespread dissatisfaction with the political campaigns on both sides with the Leave campaign seen as less honest than the Remain camp. Overall half (50%) said they thought the Remain campaign was “dishonest” while 59% said that they thought the Leave campaign acted in such a way. However, within voter camps 83% of Remain voters said they thought the Leave campaign was dishonest compared 72% of Leave voters declaring that the Remain campaign was dishonest.

A further 53% said they thought Britain would be more in control of its laws outside the EU. On the subject of immigration only 46% thought that numbers of immigrants from the EU would fall as a result with 40% expecting numbers to remain the same; less than one in ten (8%) said the number would rise.

Nearly half (48%) of voters said Prime Minister Theresa May should not call a General Election in the next few months with 41% saying that she should. Reactions to the referendum result are revealed in an exclusive opinion poll for Brexit: The Big Debate Live airing Channel 5 on Monday (18th July) at 8.30pm.

Brexit: The Big Debate Live
Channel 5 – 8:30-10:00pm, Monday, 18th July, 2016
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  1. The woman who said “We never said £35M a week for the NHS”. Perhaps that’s true, but it was emblazoned on the side of the Brexit bus and was seen everywhere on all media. By implication “£35M a week for the NHS” was a mission.

    Shame that politicians and there activities aren’t subject to Trading Standards!

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