Channel 5 is to air a brand new factual commission with Secrets of the SAS: In Their Own Words.

Channel 5 aka five

“This series is a genuine first; we’ve never seen SAS troopers talking in this way before. We’re really proud of the series and Red Planet Pictures has delivered a chillingly compelling first-hand account of life in our most secretive military unit. These are extraordinary stories delivered without embellishment, straight down the lens.” – Guy Davies, Commissioning Editor: Factual, Channel 5

The landmark four-part documentary series will offer insight into the world’s most famous military organisation, through unprecedented and candid interviews with elite former SAS soldiers and dramatic reconstruction.

Commissioned by Guy Davies, Commissioning Editor, Factual for Channel 5 and executive produced by Simon Raikes and Dan Gold for Red Planet Pictures, the series will dig deep into the highs and lows of their secretive lives. What kind of psyche gets selected for the SAS? What were their childhoods like? How do they cope with killing? How do they deal with loss? What happens when they are kidnapped, or confront child soldiers with AK47s? How do they go from the violent and kinetic reality of close-up combat, to pushing a trolley round Tescos or taking the dog for a walk? Do even these super soldiers suffer from the psychological trauma of combat?

The series takes a new approach to exploring the world of the SAS, focusing on the soldiers themselves, rather than just their audacious exploits, to reveal the frank and intimate truth of life serving, and surviving, in the SAS.

Each of the four episodes will use a specific military operation to explore the human experience of their astonishing lives – from selection, through serving alongside the best soldiers in the world, to returning to “normal” life after the SAS. These films are gripping, shocking and, occasionally, humorous, showing the full gamut of life inside the SAS.

“Our first commission shows exactly the type of content that we will be creating – bold, distinctive and ambitious. This series we’ve managed to get SAS soldiers to talk with extraordinary intimacy and candour not just about what they do – but who they are, how they feel, what makes them tick, how they cope – as ordinary human beings – with the extraordinary situations into which they are thrown. The result is a revealing, gripping and shocking series about the people behind the armour and it’s a testament to the honesty of our contributors and to Channel 5 that we have been able to share such remarkable stories.” – Simon Raikes, Creative Director of Red Planet Pictures factual division

Secrets of the SAS: In Their Own Words will air in the Autumn.
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