The comedy is one of a series to air in the ‘New on Two’ strand.

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Robert Webb stars as divorcee Jack in Our Ex Wife, described by the beeb as a ‘hate-filled comedy’. Jack has finally found real happiness with fiancée Sara (Melanie Lynskey – Togetherness, Two And A Half Men), but his unhinged ex-wife and mother of his kids, Hillary (Victoria Hamilton – Doctor Foster, The Crown) is determined to destroy it.

Whilst Jack wants Hillary out of their lives, Sara has made it her personal crusade to build a relationship with her for the sake of children Ava (Holly Earl) and Max (Archie Lyndhurst). Peter Egan (Downton Abbey, Ever Decreasing Circles) guest stars as Jack’s phlegmatic father George.

Our Ex Wife is created and written by former The Simpsons writer Julie Thacker Scully. Other programmes forming part of the New on Two strand include We The Jury, a comedy about jury duty. William, played by Ed Easton, has dreamt of doing jury presiding his whole life. He’s always known he was destined to be a juror but he never imagined that when the day finally came he’d land the mother of all jury gigs – an actual murder trial. The jury are a mismatched collection of enthusiastic fools, inconsiderate bullies and self-obsessed weirdos, constantly getting distracted from the case. Add in a demob-happy judge in her final trial and this has all the ingredients of a disaster.

In Motherland BBC Two look at navigating the trials and traumas of middle-class motherhood, looking at the competitive side and unromantic take on parenting – not the cute and acceptable public face of motherhood while in Home from Home Johnny Vegas stars as Neil Hackett alongside Joanna Page as his wife Fiona who achieve their long-cherished dream of buying a lodge in the Lake District. Nothing could spoil this bliss, until they meet their new neighbours…

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