Channel 4 has confirmed that cult gameshow Deal or No Deal will come to an end following a final run this autumn, after almost 3000 episodes and more than a decade on UK screens.

Deal or No Deal, Noel Edmonds

To mark its phenomenal success, the show is going on tour with its presenter Noel Edmonds taking it to an audience at iconic landmarks right across the UK at the end of this year.

“I remember watching Deal or No Deal launch and watching it grow to become a hit that captivated audiences for over a decade. A lot of the credit for that must go to Noel and his exceptional presenting. As the studio shows ends, I’m delighted he’ll now be taking Deal or No Deal to the audience.” – Channel 4’s Chief  Creative Officer, Jay Hunt

Edmonds will remain on Channel 4 screens with a new series for Channel 4 daytime and two new pilots. 

Cheap Cheap Cheap (w/t) is a gameshow set inside an eccentric general store filled with weird and wonderful items and even quirkier staff. Noel and the shop staff will challenge contestants to guess the cheapest of three items presented to them in the hope that a series of successful guesses will win them a life changing sum.

The former Telly Addicts and House Party host will also preside over an auction format for the broadcaster in Sell or Swap where contestants can bid live on an eclectic mix of items ranging from expensive antiques to a second hand speed boat or a never used wedding dress.

Later this year Noel will also return as host in a pilot for a brand new studio-based big money game show for Channel 4 Entertainment.

Deal or No Deal on tour - Noel Edmonds

Deal or No Deal launched on Channel 4 in 2005 and fast became a hit, scooping a number of awards including National Television, Broadcast, RTS, Rose D’or & TV Choice Awards. At its height in 2006 the series attracted audiences of over three million viewers.

The show’s format, which has seen variations over the years, sees 22 contestants choose a box at random containing a monetary value ranging from 1p to £250,000. One of them is chosen to take on the banker in that day’s game assuming their position in the centre of the studio – dubbed the ‘Dream Factory’ – with their box.

Gameplay sees the contestant select boxes to be opened from the ‘wings’ hoping to avoid finding the larger sums of money, as the values within are subsequently taken out of play and determine the game’s success. At regular intervals the ‘unseen’ banker will call Edmonds with an offer for the contestant’s box based on how the game is faring. The longer big money stays in play the higher this is. Contestants are asked by Noel ‘Deal or No Deal?’ and answer accordingly to accept or decline each offer. If contestants choose to accept an offer the game continues on a ‘what if’ basis. Their box is the very last to be opened and they must hope they have made the correct decisions earlier in the game.

Deal or No Deal on tour - Noel Edmonds - Flying Scotsman

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