Following their successful DVD petition, the Brookie faithful have decided to launch a follow up, which aims to get the long running serial repeated on television.

Lee Brady, the leader behind the Bring Back Brookside campaign, says he’s decided to take this next step due popular demand, fans of the Liverpool based, and produced, soap have requested that the campaign now attempts to have 21-years worth of episodes repeated on TV.

“This is a follow up Petition to the ‘Brookside DVD Campaign’ which was started in 2007 and was successful in 2012.” Said Lee, adding, “Fans of ‘Brookside’ wanted me to create another petition online for fans and cast to sign in support of having the classic soap repeated on More4 or E4.”

Previously More4 screened the first episode as part of Channel 4’s 25th anniversary celebrations and Sky Living repeated early episodes when the channel first launched as UK Living.

“The success of the DVD Campaign for it’s 30th Anniversary shows there is still a big interest in Brookie and therefore it would be nice to watch again on TV.” Lee adds.

Brookside launched on Channel 4’s opening night in November 1982 and became the network’s flagship series, however with more and more episodes of Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders added to rival networks Brookside was moved around the schedules and ratings slumped. It ended its days after 21 years in a graveyard weekend slot.

The popularity of the show, almost a decade on from its final episode, however hasn’t declined with fans still debating the popular plots, characters and off-screen events that shaped their favourite saga.

You can sign the Online Campaign here

The Best Of Brookside DVD is on sale from November 2012 as part of Channel 4’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

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