Dame Joan Collins has been talking about her new stage show, husband Percy and late sister Jackie.

Joan Collins

Today on ITV’s This Morning, hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby spoke with Joan Collins about her new unscripted one woman show.

“It’s totally different from the shows that I’ve done before, and it’ll be a lot easier because I don’t have to learn any lines!” Before adding, “There are many clips and home movies… and I even sing in it. You don’t see me singing, you hear me singing.”

Explaining the reasons for her singing, Joan added;

“I made a record at the end of my marriage to Tony Newley, and it was called ‘And She Can Sing Too’ which was rather full of itself and I sang eight of my favourite songs… and we discovered it a few years ago… Each show will be different, the questions from the audience will be different, Percy and I will be on stage… and it’s a challenge.”

On her husband Percy’s involvement, Joan said, “He interrogates me… the audience will have 12 or 14 subjects that they can ask me about. Dynasty, Hollywood, filming… as long as they don’t ask ‘who was the best kisser?’ Smiling, Phillip and Holly replied, ‘That’s a good question!… So you know what our next question is!”

Laughing, Joan replied, “It was Paul Newman of course!” Before explaining how Percy is her rock. “We are coming up to 15 years married. He is my rock, we are together 24/7 which I think says a lot for our relationship. We get along really well… I put my trust in him totally.”

On losing her sister Jackie, Joan held back the tears as she explained the emotions she went through.

“It’s been nearly a year. I miss her terribly… I have talked about it. Grief is process. I think I cried for two or three months, three to four times a day. And then you get over that and you kind of accept it in a grudging way and then you kind of think ‘why did it happen’ and then there’s a certain time when you even become angry… The only way I can get around it in a way is that I spend so much time in Europe and she’d spend so much time in LA, so much of the time we weren’t together – maybe together just four, five or six months of the year – so sometimes I think ‘she’s in LA’.”

Speaking of becoming a Dame, Joan laughed and declared, “Damn Joan – that’s what my husband calls me!”

Joan Collins, 2005, ITV

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