Thames Television drama Hannay is to be released on DVD.

Thames TV 1990s

Starring BAFTA-nominated actor Robert Powell, the drama which aired on ITV in 1988 and 1989, sees him reprises one of his most famous roles – that of Edwardian adventurer Richard Hannay.

The two television series were a spin-off from John Buchan’s thrilling tales of derring-do – most famously, the classic novel The Thirty-Nine Steps which had been transformed into a big screen version in 1978 with Powell in the lead role.

The DVD release comprises all thirteen editions from both action-packed series, with guest appearances from Martin Clunes, Alex Kingston, Charles Gray, Oliver Cotton, Phyllis Logan, Iain Cuthbertson and Anthony Valentine.

Having forged a successful career as a mining engineer, prospector and military intelligence officer in South Africa, Richard Hannay returns to Britain amid the mounting tensions of pre-First World War Europe. His plans to settle down are dashed, however, when the naval arms race between Britain and Imperial Germany enters a dangerous new phase and his ingenuity is stretched to its limit by the ever-inventive schemes of his ruthless arch-enemy, Count Otto von Schwabing.

Hannay – The Complete Series (PG) is released as part of a four-part DVD disc set on the 12th of September 2016, RRP £39.99, courtesy of Network Distributing.

Robert Powell is best remembered on television as Christ in ITC for ATV/ITV’s Jesus of Nazareth, Mark Williams in BBC One medical saga Holby City (below) and comedy The Detectives as David Briggs alongside Jasper Carrott as Bob Louis.

Robert Powell - Holby City BBC

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