Railway travel series for Julie Walters

Julie Walters is to present a series looking at coastal railways for Channel 4. The broadcaster has also announced she will be the new voice of Channel 4’s on-screen classification system, LEXI.

Julie Walters - National Treasure Channel 4

The National Treasure (pictured) actress is to present the four-part series in which she’ll travel the most beautiful and interesting stretches of coastal railway routes in the UK.

Britain’s Coastal Railways with Julie Walters will see her take the train for a magical mystery tour around our shores, getting lost in dramatic landscapes, uncovering surprising historical secrets and discovering how life really can be a beach.

From pristine Scottish beaches to Cornish fishing villages, hers will be a journey of discovery, learning how our coastal railways routes helped shape us as a nation, finding out about the people who brought them to life, and stopping off to meet the fascinating characters who live and thrive along the routes today.

The broadcaster also announced today that Walters will also be the voice of Channel 4’s on-screen classification system, LEXI. Viewers of the Paralympic Opening Ceremony heard Julie Walter’s familiar tones as Clare Balding ‘auditioned’ the final celebrity to put themselves forward as the voice of the ground-breaking classification system.

Julie’s voice will accompany the on-screen graphic and talk viewers through the classification system that groups athletes with different impairments enabling them to compete fairly against one another.

The revolutionary on-screen system, LEXI, was first introduced at the London Paralympics and helped viewers understand how athletes with different impairments can be grouped into classes and are able to compete fairly against one another.

The LEXI system, created by Paralympic gold medallist Giles Long MBE, has been completely overhauled for Rio with three dimensional animation replacing much of the on-screen text, giving the audience greater understanding by linking impairment types with the functional attributes important for success in each sport.

In the build up to the big reveal several celebrities entered into the spirit of the comedic sketches poking fun at themselves in their LEXI ‘auditions’ while an exasperated Clare Balding watched on. All of the sketches are available to watch again on All 4.

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