Game of Clones, an innovative dating reality series, is coming to Channel 4’s youth sister channel E4 for a 20 part series.


The format from Youngest Media sees singletons use avatar building technology to virtually create their perfect partner, choosing everything from hair and eye colour, to their ideal build and height.

Once that’s done the show’s dating database will scour the country to find ten real suitors fitting this ideal image. These date-ready doppelgangers will then enter a house together with the selective singleton.

To be aired nightly on E4 from Monday to Friday, each week will see the dater living with the ten lookalike suitors while setting them challenges designed to reveal their true characters. One by one they’ll have to dump the suitors whose personality appeals to them the least.

“It sounds like any singleton’s dream, to create your perfect partner in avatar form and then get to live with ten of them. However with looks out of the equation our singleton will have to work hard to uncover the personality they’re most attracted to.


“It’s a whole new twist on the dating show genre which combines everything we’re about at youngest Media, cutting edge entertainment that we hope will surprise the audience.” – David Flynn, co-founder of Youngest Media

Game of Clones (title unconfirmed) will air on E4 in 2017.

Channel 4

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