Bloomberg Media, in partnership with Terre Blair, have announced the launch of their six-part television and video series ‘Big Problems. Big Thinkers.’, at Dmexco.


“This project is an exciting way to reach new audiences and provide our viewers with smart, thought-provoking content that extends beyond day-to-day market activity, yet still has an impact on the business and financial worlds in which they live. It’s rare that you hear from global leaders such as these on how they would tackle the toughest questions of our time.” – Jacki Kelley, COO of Bloomberg Media

It will air globally on and Bloomberg Television on Saturdays at 2pm BST and Sundays at 3pm and 7.30pm BST. The series will examine some of the biggest threats facing humanity and the possible solutions underway to solve them. The first three episodes are produced in partnership with Cisco, a global leader in technology solutions, and will include custom animated vignettes specifically created for the programme by Bloomberg Media’s content studio Kinection.

Terre Blair, broadcast journalist and wife of the late composer and conductor Marvin Hamlisch, is the mastermind behind Big Problems. Big Thinkers. As the creator, producer and interviewer, she spent years probing the thinking of an extraordinary group of leaders on issues ranging from the impact of climate change on humanity to the definition of success, the importance of morality and what constitutes happiness. Throughout the series, viewers will hear Warren Buffett, the Dalai Lama, Steven Soderbergh and others discuss profound issues in deeply personal terms.

Cut from many hours of interview footage, Big Problems. Big Thinkers. began as an academic research project for Blair, who wanted to understand the ethical and moral guidelines that would help society confront the challenges of the future. The questions she posed, rooted deeply in values, often coalesced around the six issues the series will feature. Each episode focuses on one key issue: climate change, the economy, measuring success, foreign affairs, media and political paralysis.

Big Problems. Big Thinkers. was first unveiled by Bloomberg Media during its NewFront presentation in May 2016 in London and New York, along with other shows including Hello World about global inventors, scientists and technologists shaping our future, Success By Design about the business of luxury and a new series hosted by financier David Rubenstein, featuring rare executive interviews related to leadership.

“Our survival as a human race is dependent upon the critical issues addressed throughout the series. At a time when there are many nonessential distractions, we are trying to bring these issues to the forefront and encourage people to act so that their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will have a safer, more productive place to live.” – Terre Blair

Full episodes and clips can be found at the Bloomberg website. Follow the conversation on Twitter by tagging @business. Bloomberg Television’s Matthew Saal is the Executive Producer and John Rebecchi is the Director.
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