Katherine Ryan to meet the super wealthy for C4 series

Comedian Katherine Ryan will, in a six part series for Channel 4, explore the lives of the super-rich in the UK and around the world to find out just how they made their money.

Channel 4

Based on a US format formerly hosted by the late Joan Rivers, How Did You Get So Rich will see Ryan encounter self-made millionaires in Britain and around the world as she seeks answers regarding their wealth.

The series uncovers some of the most surprising personal stories of hard graft, bizarre business and plucky entrepreneurship in 21st Century Britain and beyond.

“For the first time ever, I get to legally snoop through people’s mega-homes and luxury possessions without having to sleep with a rapper. I want to know how somebody gets super rich, and what that lifestyle looks like from the inside. I hope not to offend, as a multi-millionaire could have me killed quite easily.” – Katherine Ryan

How Did You Get So Rich is produced by CPL Productions and is expected to air on Channel 4 next year.

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