Sky Arts put on their Comedy Shorts for Halloween

Jason Manford and Ross Noble head up the UK comedy talent who are set to appear in a new run of spooky themed short stories.

Comedy Shorts Sky Arts

“Sky Comedy is literally thrilled, and a little bit frightened, to be working with such scarily talented comic voices on our Halloween/Horror season. To attract talent as diverse as Jason Manford to Guz Kahn, Ross Noble to Kiri Pritchard-McLean, and the legendary Matt Holness to hotshots Jayde Adams, Jamie Demetriou and Steen Raskopoulos is a ringing endorsement for our Comedy Shorts. They have proved to be such a hit with customers, we’re giving them more. Plenty of treats, and one or two tricks.” – Sky’s Head of Comedy Jon Montague

Following two successful series of comedy shorts from a selection of talent, Sky has announced that a new crop of comedy stars will front a Halloween-themed series of short stories, which will be broadcast this autumn on demand and on Sky Arts.

Airing exclusively on demand from Friday 21st October and on Sky Arts later in the year, the spooky new Comedy Shorts series will feature eight original stories from some the UK’s best comedians, including Sunday Night at the Palladium and Funny Old Week host Jason Manford and stand up comedian and Freewheeling host Ross Noble, who also takes on his first film directing role.

Comedy Shorts Halloween Episode Guide

Jayde Adams’ Horror: Bloody Tracy

Why is it that paranormal phenomena only occur in creepy-looking buildings? Why are ghosts always in conveniently scary places, like at the ends of beds? The top of stairs? If ghosts are real, why don’t they appear in normal places? Like supermarkets. Meet Tracy – or in actual fact ‘Bloody Tracy’ – the supermarket ghost.

Jamie Demetriou’s Horror: Oh God

A contemporary, Kaufman-esque take on a classic sci-fi/horror premise – body mutation. Oh God is a surreal, harrowing story set in a mundane blueish-grey world of a normal lad in his mid-to-late 20s who is gradually, but unequivocally, turning into a car.

Matt Holness’ Horror: Smutch

Oswin Thaddeus Tow, an embittered middle-aged writer, is haunted by a ‘ghost writer’ in this mini-Hammer/Amicus horror film parody.

Guz Khan’s Horror: Frightbusters

Stoned conspiracy theorists, Bongs (Guz Khan) and Ali (Sunil Patel), appear on a paranormal YouTube show to reveal their encounters with the paranormal and uncover the secret white demonic elite ruling the world.

Jason Manford’s Horror: That’s the Spirit

The tale of two teenagers who play with a Ouija board to contact the dead. But when their parents catch them, the whole family are in for a shock.

Ross Noble’s Horror: The Catchment

A couple move into a house to be in the catchment area of a good school for their unborn children. But… there’s a catch.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean’s Horror- I’ve Got Your Number

Everyone has accidentally sent a text messages to the wrong person and everyone has received a message that wasn’t meant for them. Not everyone has replied to that message, just for a laugh. Kiri has though. Several times a day she chats to a complete stranger. But slowly what started as a bit of fun takes a very sinister turn.

Steen Raskopoulos’s Horror: Scare BnB

Babs (Sara Pascoe) and Elliot (Steen Raskopoulos) rent out a Scare BnB haunted house for horror fans looking for thrills. But when a ghost sceptic (John Kearns) turns up determined not to be spooked, threatening their perfect 5 star rating, it’s time to call in the real resident ghosts (Nish Kumar, Susie Youssef) to scare him.

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