Most Haunted to air Halloween Special on UKTV Play

Halloween 2016 is about to get even scarier as Most Hauntedfor entertainment purposes only” embarks on a two-hour special from HMP Shrewsbury in an exclusive UKTV Play event.

UKTV Most Haunted

HMP Shrewsbury is one of the scariest places I have ever been to, and to go back there for this uncut and as live Most Haunted Halloween special fills me with absolute dread, fear and excitement. I don’t want to do it but can’t wait to do it all at the same time…I just hope the crow bar is safely locked away. – Yvette Fielding

Most Haunted is renowned for its Halloween spectaculars, and for 2016 Yvette Fielding and her easily screamed team are returning to the deserted prison which Yvette vowed never to set foot in again.

HMP Shrewsbury proved itself to be a formidable place in the last series in a three-part special when Yvette experienced some of the most frightening activity in the 15 year history of Most Haunted. The deserted prison has a history of executions, dead inmates and Yvette is bravely returning to face the apparitions, dark shadows and paranormal activity that many believe still exist there.

Yvette Fielding

Most Haunted has been a first in television many times and this is another. It will give UKTV Play viewers the full experience of a live show as they will see everything as it happened. HMP Shrewsbury has already given us a good fight but we are back for more…in real time. We will be tweeting throughout the show on Halloween from 10pm. – Karl Beattie, Executive Producer Antix Productions

Most Haunted Halloween will be available exclusively on UKTV Play online or via mobile app or via platform partners Sky, Virgin and BT on 31st October and will be shown on Really’s popular ‘Lockdown Thursday’ night, November 3rd at 10pm.

Really UKTV

Sky 155, Virgin 283, Freeview 17, BT & TalkTalk 017, Freesat 164 On demand on UKTV Play
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