Parkinson criticises ITV placing O’Grady at 9pm

 Sir Michael Parkinson has criticised ITV for putting Paul O’Grady Live on at 9pm on Fridays.

Michael Parkinson, has concerns about ITV scheduling.

Chat show personality Michael Parkinson has criticised ITV following the broadcasters decision to place Paul O’Grady at 9pm in the schedules. Writing in the latest edition of The Radio Times the veteran talk show host criticised the commercial network for its decision to move O’Grady to prime-time. 

 “What was perfect at 5pm sits less comfortably at peak time and gifts a sitting duck for competing schedulers” – Sir Michael Parkinson in the Radio Times

Paul O’Grady presented a 5pm chat-show for ITV1 between 2004 and 2005. However, he then defected to Channel 4 and shared the 5pm slot with husband and wife team Richard & Judy. O’Grady remained with Channel 4 until 2009 when cut backs at the broadcaster saw him decide to re-join ITV. This deal to return to ITV involved him presenting a prime-time series instead of his usual tea-time show.

Paul O’Grady became famous via his drag act Lily Savage.

Paul O’Grady Live has struggled in the ratings on ITV1 airing against popular drama New Tricks on BBC One.  ITV bosses will have some comfort that last week’s edition did see ratings bounce back to 4 million viewers for the entertainment show.

Channel 4 meanwhile replaced O’Grady with The 5 O’Clock Show which featured guest presenters such as Peter Andre, Fern Britton, Vernon Kay and Melanie Sykes amongst those to front the series. However, it was not deemed a success by the broadcaster and was canned after only one run.

Paul O’Grady became a television star via his alter-ego Lily Savage, the brawdy Liverpool fromer prostitiute who appeared on several series including Viva Cabaret for Channel 4 and Blankety Blank for BBC One. Paul ditched the drag act and has forged a career in his own right. Michael Parkinson began his ventures into television with ITV’s Granada Television, however, is best known for his long-running chat show which began on BBC One in 1971.

Paul O’Grady took The Paul O’Grady Show to Channel 4 following a fall-out with ITV.
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