Does Cameron’s revenge plot lead to the death of Nico in Hollyoaks?

Viewers to E4’s episode of Hollyoaks tonight, which will screen tomorrow on Channel 4, have been left wondering if Nico is to perish at the hands of Cameron.

Hollyoaks fire

During the edition fans of the soap saw vengeful Cameron Campbell set fire to the fairground maze, knowing Nico Blake was inside and wanting revenge on her for almost killing his daughter, Peri.

However, he was unaware that Nico’s mum, Sienna had followed her into the maze too. Sienna was released from prison this week after taking the blame for killing her father, Patrick and was desperate to find the real murderer, Nico before the police did.

Hollyoaks Fire

She found Nico in the closed maze and Warren realised Sienna was trapped inside after the fire was started. He raced into the centre of the maze to find Sienna and Nico trapped underneath some fallen debris. However, despite Sienna’s pleas to save her daughter first, Warren rescued Sienna.

The episode ended with Warren pulling Sienna back from the inferno as the crowd watched the maze collapse, with Nico still inside. But did Nico survive? All will be revealed on E4, 7pm

Hollyoaks Halloween Fire

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