60 Days In Jail for Channel 4

Channel 4 to broadcast ‘criminal’ output.

Channel 4

The production has been acquired from A+E Networks and has been retitled for UK audiences as 60 Days In Jail when it airs on Channel 4 this month. The original docu-series, 60 Days In, follows seven innocent participants who enter the dangerous world of incarceration at the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Indiana, in an effort to expose internal issues and what really happens behind bars.

As a result of the facility’s recent corrupt history, Sheriff Jamey Noel has devised a program where seven participants will live among the facility’s general population for 60 days without officers, fellow inmates, or staff knowing their secret. Around-the-clock cameras captured this unparalleled access in an effort to bring problems to light and give viewers a first-hand look as the participants adapt to unfamiliar and terrifying surroundings. 60 Days In Jail gives an inside view of what life is like behind bars, through the eyes of people who have never been charged with a crime or done time.

Clark County Correctional Jail houses approximately 500 prisoners, from inmates charged with drug dealing to first time offenders to capital murder. Over 12 episodes, the participants, who were hand selected by Sheriff Jamey Noel, are followed by hundreds of cameras planted throughout the jail exposing their journey. Each participant’s reason for volunteering for this program varies, but they share the ultimate goal of leaving with a better understanding of the system – how it operates, its psychological effects, and wanting a part in exposing its larger impact on society. The sheriff is joined by Captain and Public Information Officer, Scottie Maples who helped provide training to all seven participants prior to being placed into the jail to help prepare them for their experience.

The volunteers are: Zac, a former Marine; Tami, a former police officer; Robert, a substitute teacher; and Barbra, a stay-at-home mum. The first participants in are then joined by Isaiah, a 19-year-old with an incarcerated brother; Maryum, the eldest daughter of Muhammad Ali, and aspiring Correctional Officer Jeff. Who will make it through the full 60 days?

The 12-part series will launch on Channel 4 on 10th November at 10pm.

Channel 4

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